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CLOUDS is not designed as a technical or specialized equipment that will be applied to the public space, but as an experimental - open object that emerges from bottom-up processes and permanently retains its prototype status.

In that way the social and material components for the system's deployment are mutually enhancing each other.


"The prototype never quite reaches closure yet it keeps forking and enabling novel extensions of itself" 



Everyone can create, adapt, customize or “appropriate” CLOUDS in tailor-made ways, in order to satisfy individual and community needs.

Designed in a simple DIY logic, it is possible to fabricate the system with simple handtools, locally sourced components and materials. 

Starter files and instructions for reproducing and adapting the system are distributed under an Attribution - NonCommercial - ShareAlike 4.0 International Creative Commons License.

The material will soon be available here!

Open Design



Through the participatory methodology used we are exploring ways that open design can influence the creative activity, while better addressing local community needs and priorities.

CLOUDS connects all motivated groups and individuals into a co-operative social network that intensifies partnerships, sharing and disseminating good practices.

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