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CLOUDS is an open design, modular system used to build pop-up infrastructures that can facilitate social & cultural actions like community gatherings, exhibitions, workshops, performances, urban libraries, festivals and more.

The initiative supports local communities, independent initiatives, cultural organizations, third places or civic agencies by enabling them to expand their infrastructural toolbox and subsequently the needs they are able to address.


CLOUDS consists of modules designed upon a grid pattern. 

They can be assembled and re-arranged in simple ways by individually attaching its pieces together.



The combination of modules can lead to fully functional forms that can be used as kiosks, info-points, stages, tables, libraries, seating solutions, boards or play-scapes.

Options range from selecting pre-conceived solutions to building custom structures tailored to specialized activities and needs of the users, while better emerging in the surrounding hosting environment.


& functionality

Additional tools or surfaces with varying sizes and materials can be attached on the modules, thus altering the system's functional and aesthetic properties.

Αs an Open Design System CLOUDS is fully customizable. Users and Creators are given the possibility to choose locally sourced materials of their choice and even develop their own tools in order to accommodate custom solutions and expand CLOUDS functionality.

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